8 Tips to Make Your Online Meeting More Social


Over time, we are offered with more versatility as more competitors come in the social media arena. Our lives are much more easier now than before. Specially for those who operate their business in multiple states in a city or countries over the globe.

Online Meeting

Communication is now so easy that after overcoming the obstacle of being physically present, scientists are now trying to make 3D model of your presence and present it as you are there for real. Global business person are often seen to get boarded on a plane to attend a meeting. It is so much time consuming. Which is why by the end of 2013, Online meeting grew lots of popularity. Down below are given.

8 Tips to Make Your Online Meeting More Social:

  • Choose the Accurate Tool:
    First off, if your goal is to promote your product or business with webinar, you need to choose the right tool. Must look out for the proper price plan with specific features.
  • Choose an Unique Hashtag:
    The hashtag should be a keyword related to your event. It can just be your business name or shortened and added with your event key.
  • Include the Speakers:
    The speakers will increase the strength of your meeting. Also, to make it more meaningful, this is a must do part. One thing goes for saying without any doubts that the higher authority your invited speaker will be, the more it will be amplified online. So no matter what happens, invite them.
  • Involve with the Participants:
    It’s important to get involved with the participants. Keep a good interaction between you and them. Pay attention to their opinions, give them hope. Also talk to them about the cause, the understand of it and other important things.
  • Streaming Event:
    It sure is one of the best ways to catch eyesight. In this case, Google Hangout is considered to be the best. You will be able to live broadcast and upload it on facebook and twitter at the same time.
  • Tweeting Live:
    Participants can share their experiences by tweeting with others who are not physically present.
  • Sharing Contents:
    Share pictures, videos of the meeting. Make some interviews with individuals and make them say how their feelings are.
  • Offer Something Exclusive:
    Plan some giveaways or exclusive privileges. This will make others interested and follow your business.



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