Android use the additional net close


I ‘ll discuss that subject, It may be known by many ,For those who do not know me nowadays , and none of this track, If you track in before anyone else , I have nothing to do with it . We all experience condition in a one portion of android operating system cellphone that is use of online information. If we near the ineffective program then we see that 10/20 times our 500-1000 MB information is gone!

Android use the additional net close
Android use the additional net close

Not only the use of information but also the dropping information we don’t get the appropriate back-up of battery power. For this we have to cost our cellphone all day lengthy. Restricted online uses, this is really resulting in serious issue.But,if you Want to control the use of then you have to use “NO ROOT FIREWALL PRO” App.This is a superb app for android operating system. This is a fantastic app to avoid wasting information on the Internet. The purpose of a thing, awesome. By using this you don’t need to do the main.

Basically, whoever set this app you need the net, you will. Use your net on the applications that do not need them to use in the world wide web just refuse them and allow the app that need to use, when you use online.




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