Caution while using your smartphone


Avoid smart-phone related health risks

It is very difficult and unimaginable to think of a day without smart-phone usage. Everywhere you go, you will see that the smart-phones have taken over as the one and only technology mediums that connect us using various other mediums. It is hard not to be impressed by how much the smart-phones have changed the way we communicate. So that makes us very much needy of the devices.

Furthermore it has become the part and parcel of our day to day lives. It is the bread and butter of personal and business communication. But over-reliance on anything has a bad effect on it, such as the case of smart phones. Over usage of smart-phones can lead to severe health problems. Ukrainian scientists have conducted a study on the wireless radiation that the smart-phones emit and the health problems it causes.

The Study results and findings

The study was conducted by Igor Wakimenko who is a researcher for the National University for Food Technologies. He stated in a study and subsequently on the Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine Journal that the radiation that is emitted from the wireless devices may cause massive problems. It greatly causes metabolism imbalance in the body.

It causes the body to have oxidative stress and stops oxidants from forming within the body which leads to the metabolism problems of the body. As the metabolic balance is affected of the body the cellular activity is also at risk. Problems start to rise. Headaches, skin problems and problems as big as even cancer!

As the oxidants don’t form and metabolism is damaged, it becomes difficult for the body to cast aside and defend from other diseases. So the diseases pile up from overuse. The radiation heavily affects and might result in these diseases.

Prevention of these problems

These problems arise because of the harmful radiation that comes from the smartphone devices. It is causing health problems because of our over use and over dependence of the wireless technology. So we have to be careful. It is better not to be fully depend-ant on the smart-phones and unplug the Wi-Fi or wireless internet providers so that the radiation cannot happen.

Better be safe than sorry.




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