Facebook Graph Search Vs. Google Search – A Comparison


From the time Facebook was launched and made public, a lot has changed on how we communicate. By time, Facebook has changed how we search as well. Facebook graph search is one of the biggest steps Zuckerberg yet took.


With this search engine which shows results based on one’s network of friends and interests, likes etc, Zuckerberg believes that this new Graph search will take over Google as a new form of search. On the other hand, Google’s CEO stated that Facebook don’t have to be their rivals. While the comparisons between these two web giants are streaming, Facebook’s own graph search have taken its way around the internet. There still are few roadblocks currently standing on Facebook’s way. Let’s take a look into those:

  • The Unusual Like:

In most cases, people may not like a business for what they actually are. Many may like a business because they give discounts or coupons etc. If one likes an auto-garage, it may not be because it’s the best at what it does; but be because it is mostly close to him or most convenient.

  • Violation to Individual Privacy:

In order to make graph search work perfectly, more data would be required from the users.This would obviously lead to violation of individual’s privacy. However, some changes into Facebook’s terms & conditions have been brought and till now, only information which have made PUBLIC can be taken by the graph search.

On this discussion, one oddly satisfying matter to consider about is that Facebook uses more adverts than Google. Yes, Google/G+ users only see what they want to see. This is because they have the freedom to choose what they want to see. Which circle they want to be and more. On the other hand Facebook completely relies on third party adverts, have many obstacles to get through. Yes, google gets going on its path and will keep on expanding. What I am trying to say is all these unusual likes, privacy concerns might cause effect to the statistics but, its never possible for Facebook Graph Search to take over Google’s place or what it does.




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