Facebook Graph Search – Newbie Guide


Facebook first launched their Graph Search in 2013. It was a powerful and semantic search engine that would grant more accessibility to its users on the expanding data bank of Facebook. Now, Facebook has started to scale back the Facebook Graph Searching Capabilities over the few month. This is a setback to many business out there those completely relied on this service in order to gather appropriate and useful customer insight.

Facebook Graph Search
Facebook Graph Search

But fortunately the Facebook graph search is not as strong as once it was, many of its advanced functions are still operational. You will just have to know how to how to use them.

How Facebook Graph Search Work

Facebook Graph Search responds to a series of natural language queries. Also it is able to process multiple queries at the same time and integrate them into one single result. Say for you want to find one of your childhood buddies who lived with you ones and you know certain interests of that friend. So you might go with:

“People lived in Nebraska Studies in “Institution Name” Interested in Playing Golf”.

All you need to know is how to cut your queries into a shorter version which will be easier to determine for Facebook to yield your desired result. As the nature of search engine’s bit complex functionality is not public knowledge, these tips below will help you to get the necessary info You will be needing to know.


People Focused Facebook Graph Search:

When you are trying to find someone in Facebook when there are almost 2 billion active profiles, it is to consider that you are trying to find a needle in a haystack factory. But, lucky for you that Facebook Graph Search can handle a number of criteria in this case that may get you lucky. Take a look into them:

  • “People named [name] who like [something] and live in [city, state]
  • “Fans of [page] who visited [city, state]”

Facebook Graph search is also available for business focused search, mutual friend focused search, post focused search and more. If you are smart enough to bring your search queries on the edge, you might be the lucky one to finally find the needle is a haystack factory.




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