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Facebook is constantly expanding its services to ensure better satisfaction to its users. Most consider Facebook as the king in Social Media World. By the end of 2015, Facebook announced this new feature they were going to offer to its users. Live streaming. Yes, users are now able to use their iOS or Android platform to have a live session with their cared ones.Although this service was not made that much broadly available, not it is open to use for all.

Facebook Video Streaming Live is full of fun and interactive. Facebook live for groups or event is limited and view-able only to the people who are in a particular group. Same goes for live for an event. Only people who RSVP’d to the event will be able to see what you are Live Broadcasting.

Facebook Live Streaming
Facebook Live Streaming

Live Reaction on Facebook Live Streaming:

Live reactions makes it easy for viewers to express their actual feeling during a real time live broadcast. This is the same reaction Facebook launched for the news feed or all random posts. This enables to the broadcaster a live reaction from a set of audience. As if they are cheering, applauding etc. This helps them to get the sense how audiences are reacting to each particular parts of the stream.

One fun thing about this feature: It is seen that people comment 10 times more in live broadcasts rather than normal videos. Also to keep it real, Facebook recaps the whole sequence of comments on each replay. Facebook currently allows 5 filters on the live videos. Soon they will allow drawing doodles while a live stream in ongoing.

Invite people to Join a Live Stream with You:

We know it is fun to enjoy moments with your friends or dearest ones. Which is why Facebook allows you to invite your friends while a Live Broadcast in ongoing. To do this, just tap the invite option and name your friend you want to join with you.

Facebook is day by day expanding with more of their creative inventions. They try their best to keep the users satisfied. This big Social Media platform is a great way to globalize and connect.




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