Imagine a situation:Increase Laptop Battery Life


Imagine a situation, you’re in a classroom, or in a rush, or in a meeting when you’re badly in need of your laptop but to your horror, you find out that your laptop is dead. You don’t have the power adapter, or a suitable outlet is unavailable. Almost all of us have gone through such situation. That’s why people nowadays are really interested to know how they can Increase laptop battery life. And I hope this article will help you as here I’m going give a few tips about how to Increase Laptop Battery life.

In most cases, people think that they can Increase Laptop Battery Life only by buying a new machine or downloading such kind of software. But if the users a bit conscious while using the laptop and follow some basic rules sternly, they can easily be able to Increase Laptop Battery life. Following these rules might be really helpful:

Rule 1. Display:
Laptop screen uses excessive power just like a mobile screen. So keeping the brightness low considering the users’ eyesight helps to Increase Laptop Battery Life. If the keyboard has the backlight, then turn off that as well.

Rule 2.External Device: If you kind of external device is connected to the laptop through USB port, the power will be automatically and continuously lessened.

So drag out the port when the work is done.
Rule 3. Overheating:
When the laptop is overheated, the fan inside the device starts moving faster. So it automatically decreases the energy. Use a laptop cooler to prevent the overheating.

Rule 4. Hibernation Mode:
Don’t keep the laptop at standby mode, rather keep it at hibernation mode. As a result, the laptop will be turned off automatically and the files or windows will be the way it was while getting turned off. So the unsaved files will be protected and the battery will be saved as well.

Rule 5: Battery-Case: The battery case is an application. This application shows the status of the battery. It also warns the user when the battery is overheated.

So these are some basic rules to Increase Laptop Battery Life. A little awareness in our day-to-day life might be so helpful that you can work in a better way which will definitely lead you to prosperity.





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