Learn English easily on your Android

Learn English easily on your Android

Stop Scared of English. Understand it differ quickly.

Say to You: “And don’t worry, as the last of the English-win”.

Afraid to say? Why you are scared when android operating system is here!

We all need to know English. But many question:

  • What exactly is the pronunciation?
  • Then they have a good laugh at you.
  • Practice (practice) with whom we will.
  • How do I start? Etc., etc.


♥English diction.

♥ Arabic interpretation.


♥Synonym & Antonym.

★ 300 Entertaining Lessons: 100% free. Understand English discussing & sentence structure with useful discussions. All training work off-line as well!

★ Awesome Games: Studying, Composing, Hearing, and Speaking workouts with immediate results and sentence structure guidelines.

★ Talk with teachers: Make inquiries about sentence structure and translations to instructors.

★ Exercise using everyday news: Understand new terms, diction, and vocabulary

★ Discussion practice game: Keep daily-use discussions by discussing into the App – enhance your verbal English abilities.

★ 10,000 terms Dictionary: Understand new terms, and listen to their diction.



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