Pay $100 to Email Mark Zuckerberg


Caution, Email spammer have now chosen facebook and are spamming people in their inbox. Facebook team is working to end this for a while now with different strategies. Back in 2013, Facebook tested this bit weird feature on Mark Zuckerberg’s account where users can pay $100 to send him a PM. By doing so, users were given liberty to send a message directly in Mark’s inbox rather than using the Facebook Messaging System. This was firstly discovered by Mashable and caught eyes of many journals and newspapers. Facebook obviously is not that much desperate to raise funds doing such, instead the reason of doing such was to see how much users are willing to pay as it seemed like.

Facebook Inbox Filtering System

Facebook started to use their own message filtering system to ensure your inbox do not get stuffed by spams. One should not have that instant authority to reach someone via inbox if they are not in your friend list. Which is why this system determines whether to send the text directly to inbox or end it up in the OTHERS folder. Users are given freedom to determine the action of texts sent by others. Those who are not in your list. Before this, they thought of charging a dollar or less for sending emails or inboxing someone who is not in our friend list. Many had this misconception with Pay $100 to Email Mark Zuckerberg: Is it Greediness or is it Something Else. But it was nothing but to test out their new theory and also check the dedication of its users.

Now you can easily send texts to anyone you like outside your friend list if they have kept their inboxing open for public. But in most cases, these texts would take place in the OTHERS folder. There has launched a new notification system for each time a new message request comes to the users and with this, users will themself give the priority whether to check it or skip it. Facebook wants nothing but their users to have a great experience while their stay on Facebook. Whoa isn’t it full of versatilities!!!




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