Possible Negative Impacts of Facebook Advertising Changes


Facebook undergoes through a press conference after bringing remarkable changes to their advert system. What impact can it cause? As the answer still remains low key and already the media is saying that it is not a great initiative; Facebook sticks to their plans and continues to bring the changes. Now its time to see how the users and other brands react to it.

Users will now be able to see the advertisements as News Feed posts. “As they are also contents made by normal users or organization, they should be placed the same ways”; Facebook states. This move may prompt regulators like the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to take notice since passing off advertisements as user-related content may deceive consumers into believing that these advertisements are nothing but content generated by users and organizations alike. A similar problem was faced by search engines like Google in the initial stages of their operation when it allowed certain brands to showcase their advertisements into the results page or purchase such ads which could not be distinguished easily from actual results. Later, Google rectified the problem by marking every advertisement on its search page as a ‘sponsored link’, to distinguish them from search results.

Now many would think that this will cause a remarkable number of users leave Facebook. Does Mark Zuckerberg need to worry about this? We believe not. We think Facebook has grown this big and came this far because it had its own reasons of being called unique. Yet, they are considered to be the king of social media industry. This rep. Was not built in a day or that easy that users would just throw them off. Lots of considerations are to make and as it yet has not been launched, it’s not possible to assume anything. But whatever happens, it won’t bring that big negative impact on Facebook.




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