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Welcome to TrickTips24.com theTechnology based blogging site. Before you subscribe to our newsletter or create your own profile, please make sure that you go through all our Terms & Conditions and to abide by them is a must. We consider each and everyone who gets subscribed and comments on the posts agree to our Terms & Conditions.

Please be advised that TrickTips24.comwon’t be held accountable for any published posts and comments.

terms and condition
terms and condition

Below is given rest of the Terms & Conditions you should know and abide by:

  1. Things You Should Do:

1.1    All posts are to be posted in English. We do not appreciate and even allow anyone the of practice any other language. Any user/subscriber will get banned without any notice if such contortion of language is found.

1.2    Upon opening a new profile, users are to provide all information asked on the registration form.

1.3   Users should be careful of their words. We do not appreciate anyone offending/using Slang/Attacking on anyone’s personal views. Also, if you have different point of view, you are advised to keep it to yourself and concentrate on the Technological Tricks and Tips.

1.4    You can use proper Source of Information provided by you on your posts. Using short links are strictly prohibited. Never ever use other website links for their promotion and forbid yourself from asking anyone for Serials/Keygens/Trainers/Cracks etc. Any void of these rules will lead to a permanent ban.

1.5     Again, NO PERSONAL ATTACKS!!!

terms and condition
terms and condition

2.Things You are Allowed to Do:

2.1   You are allowed to advise on Hacking, Cracking, Phishing but; should be legit. They should never be any specific Website/Race oriented.

2.2  We will only allow the above stated stuff if they are not directly provided using our website. But, you are allowed to publish them through an external/outbound link.

2.3   Do not ever Copy & Paste someone else article on our site. Yes, you can modify them and then publish. If you don’t, you will be brought down to Copyright Act.

2.4   Do give credits to the original author including his/her link.

2.5   Back-linking is allowed.


  1. Things You are Not Allowed to Do:

3.1   We strictly monitor each and every profile to make sure they are not offending any other user. Especially when it comes to the Profile name, it’s much better and appreciable using your Real Name.

3.2  You are never allowed to Tease/Humiliate any celebrities, attack on anyone’s Religious & Political Perception.

terms and condition
terms and condition

3.3   Do not post anything that contains explicit contents. Again, you voiding anyone else copyright is highly prohibited. If you do, the responsibilities are never to be ours.

3.4    This is not a recruitment site, so, do not post anything related to this.

3.5 Your posts are to be independent. Do not ever refer the readers to an outbound/external link to complete reading your post.

Please be advised Tricktips24.com are not to be held accountable for any comments made by individuals. Tricktips24.com has their authority to change any of these stated Terms & Conditions. Subscribed users will be notified by a followed up mail from us upon each and every change.

Tricktips24.com has the authority to modify/delete any comments made by anyone and can be done anytime. Voiding any Terms & Conditions may lead you to lose your membership to our portal or even a permanent ban. Decision taken by the Authority will be escalated in any of these circumstances.