Top 10 Social Media Strategies in 2016 for Online Marketing


Social Media nowadays has created a very strong platform for online marketing. Those who run business one or two and controls most of the audiences through a social media platform, follow a series of strategies to gain more. It is obvious that each and every business should have their own strategies. Beside that, one should follow strategies of the platform he/she is running his/her business on.

So what strategies should you follow for your online marketing? Do they differ from twitter to facebook or facebook to instagram somehow? Or for Google+? No they don’t. One thing you should know about social media is, no matter on which site you are, if its social media then each and every of them go through the same system. So yes, it obviously will be very easy for someone to control their business activities through social media.

Most of you, mostly those who are of the 21st century are quite familiar of the norms of social media. No matter which site they are on, audiences are a mouse click away. But when you cross your individual bound and focus business, there are couple of things which you should know. Here we will be providing Top 10 Social Media Strategies in 2016 for Online Marketing. Have a look:

  • Choose a Name and Keep it Short:

Choosing a name is most important as your customers are going to cognize your business with it. Also it is a good practice to keep it short. You will understand the benefits as you go for advertising.

  • Pick a Related Username:

Picking up a related username will allow your audiences easier access to your business profile.

  • About Section:

If you are looking for dragging audiences to your website, organize your about section and you can provide your website url over there.

  • Optimize Search Engine:

Yes, just as like you do it for google, optimize your business page with keywords. AS Facebook is indexed with Google, it will get you better results.

  • Assign Roles for Admins:

It is always the best idea to let handle multiple people your business page/profile. Assign them with different but specific tasks according to your strategy.

  • Set a Meaningful Cover Photo:

A picture is able to express thousand words. Choose a cover picture that tells your whole business story An attractive and meaningful cover picture always created positive reinforcement to the audiences.

  • Promote Your Page:

Now it’s time you start promoting. Invite your friends family and others who you know. Add a facebook like box on your website.Also add a call to action to your contacts.

  • Respond to your Audiences:

Make a good conversation. The audiences love a response from the page admins. Make them feel special. Also, allow them to send you a PM and respond them as swiftly and gentle as possible.

  • Be Competitive:

Yes, this is at your audience’s convenience.  Try your best to keep your services on the top of the list. It’s important to keep your market healthy.

  • Be Prepared to Serve:

Customers always wish to be served ASAP. Don’t let them down, be professional and keep them smiling.




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